Buy/Sell/Merge a Business

Buying, Selling or Merging a Business

Buying or selling a business or commercial property or, for mergers and acquisitions or, if you are an inventor and want to take your product or service to market, use an EXPERT Business Broker to assist you!




Nicholas R. De Stefano is an Accomplished Executive and natural leader with proven experience in problem solving, goal setting, combating obstacles, mediating, business turnaround, business development, strategic planning, marketing, training, branding, presentations, employee development, team building, project management, and P&L.


Excellent mechanical aptitude, strong analytical skills, well organized and highly motivated and focused for success, driven by goal orientation and improving productivity and revenue to reach clients’ objectives.


Our licensed business broker Nicholas R. De Stefano is the expert with a BSBA, a major in management and a minor in economics.


He has over thirty years of Entrepreneurial experience including International business and consumer products experiences including manufacturing and marketing. He is well qualified to assist you in your business requirements whether you are a buyer or seller or an inventor needing assistance in getting your product to market.

Additionally, we are in a position to assist businesses with financial assistance i.e. SBA lending facilitation, Factoring, Capital infusion or, direct lending as well. We will also facilitate in the financial Prequalification of your business.